Fee chart as per section 3 (3) of The U.P. Self financed Independent Schools

(Fixation of Fees) Ordinance, 2018 for the session 2019-2020


    1. Prospectus & Registration fee       Rs.200/- (at the time of new admission)
    2. Admission fee                                  Rs.3000/- (once at the time of new admission)
    3. Examination fee                               As applicable/Part of the annual charges
    4. Composite Fee                                 As per chart below
ClassComposite fee (Quarterly)

(Tution fee+Science fee+Computer fee+ Annual charges+Medical fee & Others)


1st Qtr.

2nd Qtr.

3rd Qtr.

4th Qtr.

Play to UKG7,600/-5,600/-7,600/-5,600/-
I & II9,730/-7,230/-9,730/-7,230/-
III to V9,700/-7,200/-9,700/-7,200/-
VI to VIII10,910/-8,410/-10,910/-8,410/-
IX 12,837/-10,337/-12,837/-10,337/-
X 13,287/-10,787/-13,287/-10,787/-
XI & XII (Science) Phy.12,410/-9,910/-12,410/-9,910/-
XI & XII (Commerce) Comp.12,355/-9,855/-12,355/-9,855/-
XI & XII (Com.) Phy.11,360/-8,860/-11,360/-8,860/-
XI & XII (Com.) Comp.11,305/-8,805/-11,305/-8,805/-

5. Optional fee components             As applicable

* Mid-day meal (Play to UKG)                    1,800/- quarterly

* Mid-day meal (I to V)                                 1,950/- quarterly

* Transport (City)                                          2,850/- quarterly